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Our last days.....:(

We should have listened to the travel warnings!

A few days ago we decided to go check out the islands of Sipadan and Langkayan where we had heard credible reports that kidnappings of foreigners have occured, but despite these warnings we were curious and decided we should go see it!

We really should have listened to there Cliuck here to find out all of the travel warnings set out by the Canadain Government...

Our day begain bright and early when we chartered a ship to the the island of Sipadan. In the early hours of the day things seemed to be off to a good start, but that all changed very suddenly as we spotted a pirate ship off in the distant! We were terrfified as the pirates boarded our ship and robbed us for everything we had...they stole all of our money, passposrts and luggage, we were left with nothing....except thankfuly our lives! We never made it to the islands, as we then decided that we should have listened to the travel warnings and just stayed in Sabah and visited the Sabah Zoological & Botanical park or perhaps the Mesilau Nature Resort (Which would have been a much better, safer choice!)
We contacted the Candian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur and managed to get passports back and the OK to leave the country, we were relived! We thought all of our worries were over, but just as we were going through customs we were stopped and searched, unfortunatly someone had planted drugs on us and we were all arrested....now we sitting in a Malay prison painfully awaiting the day our punishment of the death penalty is executed!


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List of Caves

Caves in Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Langkawi Island, Sabah and Sarawak

-17 °C

Kuala Lumpur: Batu Caves
As we arrived here we knew we were in for a treat, we had monkeys greeting us, there were some shops unsuprisingly around there that sold bananas and peanuts to feed to the monkeys. It was a 7 mile drive on the number 11d bus from Kuala Lumpur to get here. We sure chose the right time to come here since the Thaipusam festival was going on, and atmosphere was incredible there was so many people!!! We saw some of the most unusual things ever, there was a man with various hooks peirced to his back it looked painful!!! Look for yourself:

To get to the actual caves we had to climb up 272 tiresome steps(1), but when we got there, we knew it was worth it. At the top there was the cathedral temple which was about 100 m above the ground, it had some really ornate hindu shrines(2). After this, we went to the base of the hil where was a art gallery and museum caves. Both these caves had some magnificent Hindu paintings and statues that were statues which were absolutely stunning. One great thing we got to do was rock climbing! Who would have thought we could have done that at the caves, but apparently there's about 160 climbing routes. It was so much fun. As we were leaving we took some great pictures at the world's tallest statue of Murugan outside the caves.

Penang: Cave of Darkness
This place was so peaceful and relaxing, it was just serene which we didn't expect from somewhere called Gua Kelam which means cave of Darkness. We took a ferry from Pulau Langkawi to Kuala Perlis it took about 45 minutes and it cost about RM15 per person. When we arrived, there was a fee of RM1 to get in. As soon as we went in, we went straight to rock climbing. It was fun but we got some cuts and bruises since the limestone walls were really sharp but it was worth the cuts and bruises. After climbing we went to explore the caves, they weren't that dark after all, there were lights everywhere. One interesting we saw when we looked deep into the caves was that they were mining equipment left in the caves from many years ago. We then had a campsite set up for us and we spent the rest of the day relaxing and enjoying the beautiful scenery around us.

Langkawi island: Gua Cerita
We got to this mysterious and legendary cave by taking a boat from Tanjung Rhu which costed MYR80 and it took an hour to get there. We did some exploring in this famous archaeological discovery and we saw some ancient inscriptions in Jawi written on the walls. These two limestone caves had alot of myths and lengends behind it which grabbed our attention and curioustiy from them.

Sabah: Gomantong Caves
From Sandakan, we took the turn off towards Sukau for about 20 km which lead us to the entrance of the caves but we still had drive for about 6 km more to reach the base of the caves and the reception area. This placed was filled with insects and bats so we decided not to stay too long. There's also alot of bird nests here, which the locals makes a soup which is suprisingly quite tasty. Around 5:30 in the afternoon, millions of bats emerged from the caves in search of insects to feed on, it was incredible and scary at the same time.

Sarawak: Niah Caves
It took us an hour and a half to drive here from Miri. We started off with an exploration of the cave on 3km path. Along the way we some great plant life and birds as well as some interesting insects. We also got a chance to visit the great cave where it said to be the dicovery of the oldest human remains in southeast asia. Finally we visited the painting cave where the paintings of human like figures on the rocks were done atleat one thousand years ago.

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Sepilok Orangutan Sanctuary in Sabah

Today we went to the oldest and largest orangutan rehabilitation centre in the world(1). , The Seilok Orangutan Sanctary. To get there it took 20 minutes to drive from Sandakan in our rental car. We arrived there around 2:30 in the afternoon which is supposedly one of the best times to visit(1) since this is when the orangutans come out from the forest to feed on bananas and milk. They did indeed, we were suprised and fascinated by the numbers of Orangutans there especially Vanessa. Other than the primates, there were so many different species of birds and exotic plants. The great thing about this place is that they train orphaned orangutans to survive in the jungle again. The only bad thing that happened here was that one of the orangutans stole my camera, so I had to get one of the rangers to get it for me.

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Off To Borneo!

Very early this morning we hopped back on the ferry and made our way back to Kuala Lumpur so we could catch the daily flight from KL to Kuching in Sarawak (which happens to be Malaysia's largest state!) on Malaysia Airlines. We were all pretty excited to finally get to Sarawak as we heard many great things about it's rich culture and incredible rainforest, Sarawak did not disappoint!
We decided on a 45 minute shuttle ride from Kuching to check out the Sarawak Cultural Village which is a living museum at the foot of Mount Santubong where we learned about the different tribes in the area, my favorite part was catching the 4pm cultural show where we got do watch dancers and musicians during a multicultural performance!
We're still actually at the Cultural Village and are spending the night at the Bidayuh Longhouse which is made mostly out of Bamboo!

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Langkawi Island

This morning we paid RM55.00 and jumped on the 8:45 ferry from Penang to Langkawi Island, it took us about 2 and a half hours to get here.
As soon as we got to the island we decided to check out the Langkawi cable car which is located on the southwest coast of Langkawi as many people had recommended it when we said that we were making our way over here!
The ride up to the top of Mount Mat Cincang was incredible! We had a view of the whole island group and the sea, the only way that I can explain it is absolutely breathtaking, everything was so lush!

Tonight we will be staying at Fox Hill, a great little resort that we happened to stumble across today that sits in the middle of some pady fields! The best part will be that we get our own little Malay house that sits up on stilts for the night, there are only three so we were quite lucky that one happened to be available for the night! Even though it's just a simple room with a bed and a fan I feel it should be quite the traditional Malaysian experience!

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